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2008 In Review

It has been a challenging time for Rebound Sports Project but we continue to keep the ball rolling. (I love being able to incorporate silly puns). Just this fall our long awaited delivery to Ghana arrived. It was so exciting to see our friend and partner, John Ocansey, handing out balls in his native country. It was a long time coming, and John did everything he promised. Unfortunately, the news isn’t so great with our principal partner at MotoDiscovery. Tough economic times have hurt our friend Skip and his motorcycle touring business. Consequently, our ability to distribute along Skip’s usual routes has been hampered. No trips to South America this season and many fewer trips into Mexico. But Skip is still undaunted and continues to distribute balls whenever he can. Like everyone else, we had been hurt by high gas prices. So while I had made some interesting connections in Cambodia, I just couldn’t afford to ship anything. It was just too expensive to send anything anywhere, so we pulled back and held things in storage. Fortunately, things are improving, and we have several opportunities on the horizon. I am planning a short trip in February to Puerto Morales, where I hope to bring a few hundred balls to a local school still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. I know things are pretty rough and money is tight, but if you could once again please keep Rebound in your thoughts, I promise to make good use of your tax deductible donation. As hard as things are for us here, it’s that much worse everywhere else. Thank you for your continued support. And have a wonderful holiday.

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